A to Z about baby shower

Here are our tips for throwing a baby shower without all the stress. You might even be able to enjoy the party!

What is a baby shower?

 A baby shower means it is an event or a party with the members of friends, relatives and office mates that provide gifts to a woman by honouring the birth or expected birth of a baby or even the transformation of the woman towards a mother. It has a variety of names in each community.  You may know more about from here 

What happens at a baby shower?

 The core of a baby shower is “shower” you with gifts by your community, relatives and office mats. In a baby shower, you are going to receive more gifts as a mother. But, it is not etiquette to “throw a baby shower” yourself as a parent.

When is supposed to throw a baby shower?

 As I said earlier instead of you, your close friend or one of the grandmother will throw a baby shower. But, nothing wrong to have other family members throw the baby shower.

Why is it called a baby shower? 

The term “shower” is often considered to mean that pregnant lady is “showered” with gifts by her known human beings. In the 19th century, the event or party called “bridal shower” that presents to be put inside the parasol. And, when opened would “shower” the gifts on the bride. So, the name baby shower may become from that.

When should you have a baby shower?

 Too early to the baby’s due date and too late or close to the baby’s due date is not good to have a baby shower. Generally, six weeks before the due date is a good time to have a baby shower.

Who pays for a baby shower?

 Typically, who is throwing the baby shower will pay for it. But, the hostess can share the cost of a baby shower by asking a few close family members or friends to co-host.

How much does an average baby shower cost?

 It depends on the invitees, place, foods. Typically it cost $100 to $1000. Many baby showers are conducted in a host or mother home alone with homemade food for 15 to 40 guests.

Is it OK to throw own baby shower?

 When you think about etiquette, it is not OK. But if you don’t have anyone close to you to host your baby shower, you can always throw your own. Even no one stopping you to do that.

What is the best food for a baby shower? 

  • Proteins rich foods such as fish, meat like meatballs, chicken rollups or sushi are considered as best foods. Of course, even more, recipes are available in the protein-rich category. I am just giving examples of some.
  • Always we should have an option for veggies when conducting any parties. Because we cannot expect all invitees will eat non-veg only. So have the food menu for veggies too.  These are typically healthy appetizers made with fruit or vegetables. These can be cooked, stuffed or even raw. 
  • Your invitees are maybe kids too. So keep your foods as kids specific snacks too. The snacks are easy to prepare, like nuts, popcorn, chips.

What do I buy for a baby shower?

 I tried to give a list of mother’s most memorable presents. 

  • Heartfelt gift
  • Gift vouchers
  • Treats for mother
  • Baby blankets and bedding
  • Nappy shower
  • Books for mother and baby
  • Back-up nappy changing bag
  • Home-cooked meals for a month

Where can I get a cheap baby shower?

 Cheap places to have a baby shower

  • In the Comfort of Home Traditionally, baby showers are held at the host’s home or the new mother’s home.
  • At your Church Hall or Temple compound.
  • Another inexpensive location to host a baby shower is at a religious hall.
  • Outdoors at a Park
  • At the Office campus
  • Unique Local Attraction
  • At a Restaurant

How do you throw a good baby shower? 

  • To have a good baby shower, you need to select a good date and time. So pick two to three date and time yourself. Then consult with the guest honour to come up with a date and time for her party.
  • Prepare the guest list and budget.
  • Choose a location that fits into your budget
  • Send the invitations to the guest more in advance. So that they can prepare to attend the party.
  • Plan the food menu as I mentioned earlier. It should be pointing both Veggies, non-veg and kids. Also, plan the theme of the baby shower and prepare the budget the decorations.
  • Make the agenda for the event. So, you can finish the party on time and as expected. The agenda includes good baby shower games that make the event more memorable.

Do you eat first at a baby shower?

 There is no rule of thumb about who should eat first in a baby shower. It is personal preference, you can allow your guests to eat and then open presents or open presents first and then eat.